Our Equipment

Comprehensive List of Our Machines and Equipment

Our Die Casting Equipment

G & M Die Casting owns an assortment of die casting and related machines that allow us to improve uptime, reduce inventory and increase scheduling flexibility for our customers’ orders. With multiple 400-, 600-, and 900-ton casting machines, we provide the most economical solutions for each customer’s requirements.

Casting Equipment

(2) 900-Ton HPM Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines

(5) 600-Ton HPM Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines

(6) 400-Ton HPM Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines

(2) 400-Ton HPM Die Casting Cells (ABB robot extraction, Rimrock die spray and ladling)

(3) Fondarex Vacuum-Assist Casting Units

(2) Shamrock Automatic Ingot Feeders

Rimrock Auto Ladles

Visi-Trak Shot Control (process monitoring)

(3) 50-Ton Metal Mechanics Trim Presses

(3) 20-Ton Metal Mechanics Trim Presses

(5) 12-Ton Metal Mechanics Trim Presses

(11) 8-Ton and under Metal Mechanics Trim Presses

Quality Assurance Equipment

(1) Brown & Sharpe Mistral 775 CMM with PC DMIS CAD Pack

(1) Mitutoyo BH710 CMM

(1) S-T 30” Optical Comparator

(1) Spectromax X Metal Analyzer

(1) Nikon Eclipse MA 100 Microscope (to measure metal sample grain structure and particle size)

(1) Buehler Metaserv 3000 Grinder/Polisher (to prepare metal specimens for analysis)

Secondary Machining Equipment

(1) Ares Seiki S500 CNC High-Speed Drill/Tap Machining Center with Pallet Changer

(1) Kitamura 3X Vertical Machining Center with Pallet Changer and 4th Axis

(1) SMG V24 CNC Vertical Machining Center

(3) Speedy-Cut S-T2 High-Speed Lead Screw Tapping Machines

G & M Puts the Pedal to the Metal

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