Conversion Chromate & Paint

Converting Aluminum Surface Properties

Chromate Conversion Coating for Aluminum

Aluminum corrodes quickly if left untreated. A common method to protect against corrosion is to apply a surface finish that forms a barrier of corrosion-resistant material. Such finishes include wet painting, powder coating and e-coating; these are also used for cosmetic purposes. Another, more effective method to add corrosion resistance is to apply a chromate coating for aluminum.

Conversion chromate provides additional corrosion resistance. A chemical conversion coating for aluminum doesn’t just coat the surface; it changes the surface properties through a chemical reaction of the aluminum with the coating solution. Chromate conversion, such as Alodine® aluminum treatment, prevents corrosion, retains electrical conductivity, and does not add weight or change the part’s dimensions. It can also be used as a primer for paint or adhesives.

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