Automotive Die Casting and CNC Machining

Aluminum Die Casting of Automotive Parts

Aluminum parts are found in the automobile’s frame and body, engine, wheels, lamps, air conditioning and electrical wiring systems, and more. Aluminum weighs less than steel, it absorbs energy, and it is malleable, durable and recyclable. These characteristics offer a range of benefits.

Lightweight aluminum enables auto manufacturers to build vehicles that accelerate, brake and handle better. Lighter-weight parts also mean that aluminum cars are more fuel-efficient than those with a preponderance of steel components. 

Automotive aluminum scrap is recyclable and is recycled at high rates, which helps to conserve the planet’s resources. Automotive aluminum is also responsible for saving millions of barrels of oil during the manufacturing process, and aluminum vehicles reduce emissions by millions of tons vs. steel vehicles. 

Aluminum die casting in the automotive industry has safety benefits, too. Aluminum absorbs energy, which enhances safety during collisions without increasing weight. Lighter-weight vehicles require less distance to stop, which may help prevent accidents.

CNC Machining After Die Casting in Automobile Parts

In addition to die casting, G & M offers CNC machining as a secondary option. Machining is often used post-casting to create very fine details in the cast part. As with our die casting, we approach our machining services by making quality and accuracy our top priorities.

The G & M team has years of experience in automotive die casting and CNC machining, and we’re ready to help you meet your manufacturing requirements. Get in touch and find out why so many of our customers have made us their single source for aluminum auto parts.

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