Aerospace Die Casting and CNC Machining

Aluminum Parts in Aerospace and Aircraft Applications

Ever since the Wright brothers built their first plane, aluminum has played a large part in the aircraft and aerospace industries. Today, aluminum sheets and parts are found in aircraft shells, engines, fuselages, wings, landing gear, equipment, tools and instruments as well as in satellites, rockets and missiles.

Aluminum components are lightweight yet strong. Aluminum alloys used in this industry are created to withstand corrosion and heat, making them ideal for mission-critical applications in harsh environments.

By reducing the weight of components, aluminum alloys allow aircraft to carry heavier loads and use less fuel. The increased strength of aluminum alloys translates into lighter weight without the loss of strength as well as greater cost-efficiency. And corrosion resistance helps prevent aircraft and aerospace failures and disasters. 

CNC Machining of Aerospace and Aircraft Die Cast Parts

At G & M Die Casting, we offer CNC machining to finish the job. CNC machining for aerospace and aircraft parts is a secondary operation performed to machine the parts to the required tolerance or to improve the surface appearance. We also offer deburring, conversion chromate and paint services.

G & M Die Casting is perfectly positioned to help manufacturers get the precise parts they need from a single supplier. Skilled professionals with years of experience in aluminum manufacturing processes, combined with our range of in-house capabilities and outside contacts, make us your ideal one-stop aluminum manufacturing shop. Our team is prepared to help you meet — or even exceed — your expectations.

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