Motorcycle Parts Die Casting and Machining

Aluminum Engine Components for Motorcycles

Aluminum is an ideal material for the small components used in the manufacture of motorcycle engines. Aluminum alloy parts are found in the cylinder block, cylinder head and transmission cases.

In addition to the small engine parts that G & M Die Casting produces, aluminum is used in the manufacture of the motorcycle chassis, wheels, coolant and oil radiators, hand levers, fork crowns, brake calipers and more.

Aluminum, which is lighter than steel or cast iron, improves the engine’s performance and increases its fuel efficiency. Plus, aluminum conducts heat better than other metals, which means that an aluminum block or head reduces the risk of engine damage.

CNC Machining After Motorcycle Die Casting

G & M Die Casting uses both die casting and CNC machining processes to create high-quality, durable and reliable parts for motorcycle engines. And we offer other secondary services as well, such as deburring, conversion chromate and painting, making us your single source for aluminum motorcycle engine parts. 

Many costs and benefits must be weighed before choosing an aluminum die casting supplier. The first step is to find a full-service aluminum company that can handle cast, machined and painted mechanical components — and that company is G & M Die Casting. Our customers rely on our expertise and experience to evaluate their applications and deliver the high-quality, reliable parts that meet — or even exceed — their specifications.

G & M Puts the Pedal to the Metal

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