Aluminum Die Casting

Quality Components for OEM Companies

Aluminum Die Casting Benefits

High-pressure aluminum die casting produces strong, yet lightweight, components that require less machining that fabricated parts. Aluminum, or aluminium, die casting parts and components have more surface finishing options than other die cast alloys, can withstand higher operating temperatures, and are highly conductive and corrosion resistant. With high dimensional stability, versatile aluminum die cast parts are the ideal solution for creating forms with complex geometries and thin walls — without the need for assembly or welding.

G & M Die Casting Capabilities

  • Casting ranges from 400 to 900 tons
  • Wide array of alloys to meet specific needs
  • Value-added, in-house and subcontract aluminum die casting machining services to produce high-quality, completed products

Aluminum Die Casting Equipment

(2) 900-Ton HPM Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines

(5) 600-Ton HPM Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines

(6) 400-Ton HPM Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines

(2) 400-Ton HPM Die Casting Cells (ABB robot extraction, Rimrock die spray and ladling)

(3) Fondarex Vacuum-Assist Casting Units

(2) Shamrock Automatic Ingot Feeders

Rimrock Auto Ladles

Visi-Trak Shot Control (process monitoring)

(3) 50-Ton Metal Mechanics Trim Presses

(3) 20-Ton Metal Mechanics Trim Presses

(5) 12-Ton Metal Mechanics Trim Presses

(11) 8-Ton and under Metal Mechanics Trim Presses

G & M Puts the Pedal to the Metal

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